Saturday, 2 January 2010

Blow out !

Well you will have to read this to believe it !

Lets start of with the morning.

2 mugs of coffee
2 slices of hovis seed sensations thickly buttered and 3 soft boiled free range organic eggs out of the garden. Delicious !

Not a bad start ? We got delayed with chores so didn't go shopping until mid afternoon so tea had to be quick and simple. Frozen pizza !

1 good fellas delicia peperoni pizza
1/2 Dr oetker speciale pizza
1/3 morrisons own garlic and tomato pizza bread.
3 glasses of squash.

Not the lightest of meals was it ?

Off to the family party and a few glasses of coca cola and lemonade, some spicy tomato juice and then to eat................

1/2 dozen king prawns
smoked salmon
mini pizzas
cheese rolls
pickled onions
potato salad
pea nuts

Got home about half an hour ago and already had 3 glasses of squash !

Better start eating some fruit and vegetables tomorrow.

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