Friday, 8 January 2010

Craving animal fat !

Being ill I am just craving fats today.


1 Slice of cheese on toast
4 mugs of coffee


1 bag of battered chips, soaed in salt and vinegar and dipped in mayonaise


12 glasses of squash
4 Mugs of tea


1 rasher of free range shoulder bacon
1/2 tin branston beans
1 free range organic egg
1 Thick white fried slice
HP Brown sauce

Break for a mug of tea and
12 Thorntons continental

3 free range pork sausages
1 free range organic egg
1/2 tin of branston beans
1 Fried slice thick white

Now that is enough to fill anybody up !

Went shopping to ASDA today and got tons of fruit and fruit juice and a few vegetables so we should see a shift to a more balanced diet over the next few days.

When its very cold weather and your body is run down it does naturally crave these animal fats and other high calorie food so that you can obtain maximum heat calories for the minimum amount of effort.

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