Thursday, 28 January 2010

Egg Sandwich, Roast Lamb Dinner

I was up and out early this morning so the only breakfast I had was a mug of PG tips. I got back before lunch and had a bit of quiet time in the garden and made sure the hens were in good health.
I only had a light lunch because I had promised to cook a roast dinner later on.

Lunch - Well what can you say, two hard boiled free range organic eggs from our own hens on Warburtons wholemeal bread that was lightly buttered. Sheer bliss. Look at the colour of those egg yolks. You don't get that kind of quality from shop bought eggs !

Organic Free Range Egg Sandwich

Tea - Well this was my domain today and I had to cook Roast lamb of shoulder ,Cauldron Sausages was the vegetarian option for my wife. Carrots, Savoy cabbage, broccoli and stuffing.
The Lamb went in at 160 degrees Celsius for about 3 hours, It was absolutely great, real melt in the mouth with crispy skin. The potatoes and vegetables are from a farm shop called " Muddy Footprints " Just up the road in Codsall Wood. I urge anyone who can't grow their own vegetables to support their local farm shop. The difference in taste and quality really is amazing, you are only eating what is in season, cutting down on food miles and your carbon footprint and you are supporting local people too. Its a winning situation all round.
I boiled the carrots and steamed the broccoli and savoy cabbage over the top with a little seasoning. The potatoes were peeled and put straight in to a tray of hot olive oil and placed on the top shelf of the oven.
The stuffing was again supplied by Paxo ( I will really have to find out how to make my own ) and was sage and onion. The meal was assembled and it looked very appetising.

Roast Lamb Dinner

Well doesn't that just look great ? I added a splash of gravy and a couple of teaspoons of mint sauce and tucked in. It really was superb. The lamb is from a local smallholding and they really do look after their animals which in turn produces meat of the very highest quality. It was so good that after I had eaten all that I had nearly as much again !

Round 2 !

I couldn't manage another thing after that lot. Note the half empty gravy jug top left !
Its a good job I had an hour before I had to go out and just stayed still for a while and waited for everything to settle.

Good points, Only one mug of tea today. I ran out of tea bags and don't go supermarket shopping again until Saturday. Lots and lots of water and squash. No crisps either. On the down side though I did have a hand full of liquorice allsorts and half a Terrys chocolate orange for supper but we will worry about that another day.

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