Sunday, 3 January 2010

Feeling run down !

Well I have got a stinker of a cold and I am not suprised at all ! Since about 2 weeks before christmas I have been eating junk, junk and more junk !
This is today;

1 packet of monster munch
6 mars celebrations
1 slice hovis seed sensations light and nutty thickly buttered

for lunch I had

A mcdonalds double cheese burger and half a packet of fries
20 mars celebrations and a tub of chocolate ice cream

Tea was a lot better today,

1 free range organic egg out of the garden
A pile of pasta with morrisons onion and garlic pasta sauce
Lots of salad, including chopped tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and mixed salad leaves.
3 slices of hovis seed sensations thickly buttered

Very tasty too !

Drinks, 1 coffee, 4 teas and about 5 glasses of squash !

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