Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Fish for tea.

Well a better day today. I have been busy again so skipped lunch but planned ahead and had a hearty breakfast.


1 rasher of free range organic shoulder bacon
2 free range organic eggs from the garden
2 slices of hovis seed sensations toasted
1/2 tin of branston beans
HP brown sauce


1 Apple
2 handfulls of peanuts


Garlic and sea salt roast potatoes cooked in olive oil
Branston baked beans
Some mixed salad leaves and sliced cucumber
Oven cooked wholetail scampi covered in bread crumbs

Loads to drink again today, at least 6 mugs of tea and 8 glasses of robinsons squash

Supper will be an orange and banana.
Lets hope I can keep on like this and see an improvement in my health and mood !

James (M6JDB)

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