Saturday, 30 January 2010

Fish, Noodles and Ratatouille

I was up at half 4 this morning and still didn't have any breakfast ! Although I did take a couple of cheese and branston sandwiches and a couple of packets of ASDA smart price ready salted crisps and an apple out with me. They were all finished just after midday. It was nice to be busy though, and at somebodies house where they made lots of tea in good sized mugs. I ran out of tea bags two days ago, and we are supposed to be food shopping today but I am out ! Oh dear ! I didn't get back until late either so the other half wasn't exactly in the best of spirits.

Fish and Ratatouille

TEA - No food shopping done, no meal planner done and I am in the dog house. The wife wasn't really interested in tea and we hadn't got much in so I had to improvise. A tin of ratatouille out of the cupboard, some dried noodles from the cupboard, a garlic baguette and some cod fillets in breadcrumbs out of the freezer. It was all very nice too.
On the plus side I made a decent meal even though I wouldn't of ever put these things together normally, I made a bit of space in the freezer and the cupboard too.
On the down side we were supposed to be having a family day out tomorrow and I haven't got any supplies for making sandwiches !
Oh well I am sure we will cope, I wonder how long we could actually go for without going shopping and just using the up the food in the cupboards and freezer. I might give it a go one day when the kids are a bit older.
And after everything I said this morning about eating more fruit and vegetables I end up having a day like today ?!?*!?

Fingers crossed for a better one tomorrow.

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