Monday, 18 January 2010

French bread pizza and potato croquettes

I was working at Wolverhampton community radio station today so It was out the door without any breakfast. One of the things I must make an effort to do is get up earlier and make time for breakfast !


My wife was on the ball this morning and kindly made me a sandwich to take.

1 cheese sandwich, cathedral city on hovis seed sensations.
1 portion of canteen chips
1 apple
1 orange


A fantastic home made french bread pizza which was again prepared by my wife.
It was supposed to be served with potato croquettes but as you can see from the picture above they sort of fell apart in the oven and just became bread crumbed mashed potato and cabbage. Very very tasty though !
It was served with mixed salad leaves and sliced cucumber and tomato.
It was all so nice I had another scoop of potato mix and another frenchbread pizza !
Half a dozen Cadbury's roses for desert and that was the end of another fine day !

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