Friday, 8 January 2010

Good day / bad day ?

Got up nice and early after not much sleep. Had a doctors appointment and have been diagnosed with a chest infection so I have got a course of anti biotics.


2 free range rashers of shoulder bacon
3 sausages from free range pork
2 fried eggs from my own free range organic poultry
1 fried slice of thick cut white crusty bread
1/2 tin of branston baked beans

Now if that doesn't get you out of bed and set you up for the day then you may as well just give up life !


Still stuffed from breakfast I decided on a pot of tea and 3 Jaffa cakes.

Evening meal

1 bowl of my delicious home made vegetable soup with the addition of a few chunks of slow roasred pork hock.
Fantastic !

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