Thursday, 14 January 2010

Good day

Busy day again today but I did manage to pop home for lunch and my beautiful wife made this fantastic cheese on toast with a green salad.
She toasts the bread and then spreads it with tomato puree and then tops it with sliced onions, Italian spices and mature cheddar cheese before returning it to the grill to brown. Served with a dollop of Hellman's mayonnaise. There is some real love in that meal !
2 rashers of free range shoulder bacon
2 fried free range organic eggs from the garden
1 slice of thick cut white fried bread
Heinz tomato sauce
3 mugs of tea
My wife's fantastic cheese on toast !
Several glasses of Robinson's orange squash.
Well I thought I would return my wife's earlier favour and cook her favourite for tea.
Roast free range organic lamb chops ( for me and my son )
2 free range sausages ( for me )
Quorn Roast ( for my wife )
Roast potatoes
Roast carrots and parsnips
Steamed broccoli
Thick gravy
Desert was a homemade fairy cakes that we bought at the country market in Codsall.
About another 8 glasses of squash have been drunk throughout the day and also 6 mugs of tea in total. Good day all round !
James (M6JDB)

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