Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A good ending !

Well today started badly. For a start I still feel really crap and I could do with some good food.
I had to take some relatives to the airport this morning and I didn't get up in time for breakfast.

Here goes today's food;

Breakfast in the car was,
2 packets of walkers monster munch
10 opal fruits or star bursts as they are now called
1 bar cadbury's caramel


6 Jacobs cream crackers with cheese and chutney
4 cheese cubes and shallots
1 packet of walkers cheese and onion
1 banana

Christ what a bad start, I can't shake off this cold and sore throat and I think I know why. The amount crap, rubbish junk food I am eating !


I got the food processor out and knocked up some shortcrust pastry, then grated some cheese and fried some onion and made a quiche.
It was delicious, I had two of the plate fulls shown below and I do feel better for it.
The salad and garlic roast potatoes really did compliment the quiche perfectly.


Below is the photograph of the fresh wholesome homemade quiche before I demolished it !

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