Monday, 25 January 2010

Home Made Vegetable Tarts, Wedges and Coleslaw

What a day. I have been really busy again today, trying to get some work done but can't really seem to get everything clicking in to gear. I was up and out without any breakfast. Just one mug of tea !
I was still out way past lunch time so I grabbed a bag of greasy chips soaked in vinegar and covered in salt. Not the most satisfying of meals but I was so hungry I needed something ! Eating this sort of junk makes me feel tired and miserable.

Tea - Now that was a different story, my wife had been working hard all day making vegetable tarts and home made potato wedges.

Puff pastry vegetable tarts

As soon as I walked in the smell was great. As you can see from the photograph above the tarts were fantastic. We had them with some homemade potato wedges, the homemade coleslaw that was left from yesterday and some Branston baked beans. I didn't really realise how many Branston baked beans I actually ate in a week until I started writing this food diary. It really is a lot !

The Whole Meal

Now that is a real mans meal, Everything piled high ! Even more exciting is that my wife made extra vegetable tarts so we can enjoy them another day. BRILLIANT !
No sweets or chocolate or crisps today which is always good and I drank a litre bottle of Evian while I was out. I am also pleased that we have stayed on track with the weeks menu. 3 days in and 3 meals from the menu consumed. Good work. Supposed to be macaroni cheese tomorrow and my wife makes that too so fingers crossed again.

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