Saturday, 30 January 2010

Home Produced Food.

Well I was looking at my blog last night and it confirmed to me that winter is a depressing time in the food calendar. The lack of home grown vegetables and the poor taste of supermarket food really does drive me to eat a lot of rubbish. My meals seem to consist of bread, potatoes, baked beans and bagged salad leaves flown in from Israel ! The few foods I do manage to produce through the winter are brussel sprouts, curly kale and eggs but we seem to use these very sparingly as we are scared of squandering them. We did preserve some food in summer though by making lots of vegetable curries with whatever we had to harvest at the time and putting them in the deep freeze. We also managed to save a few small bags of peas and freeze those too. I pickled some onions and shallots for the first time and they turned out great.

My Home Produced Eggs, Onions and Shallots

I tried my best with the packaging but I haven't got the neatest handwriting to start with let alone trying to write on glass jars ! Anyway, it always gives me a sense of pride to use my own produce and I try and make things look as attractive as possible. The egg box labels are professionally printed because our surplus are sold to friends, family and colleagues. We don't make a profit as all the money goes towards the up keep of the hens and their food ( organic layers pellets ) and luxury bedding.

We grew so many vegetables this year that I entered our local show and to my amazement even won a few prizes. The main difference between our vegetables and all the others entered is that ours are fully organic and grown without the use of any herbicides or pesticides. This makes them absolutely fantastic for eating but not great for showing and this wasn't a taste contest or I would of won every category hands down !

Me with my Collection of Vegetables

Well that's me with my collection of prize winning vegetables ( only a 3rd place ). That was a busy day. I was up at half 5 pulling everything out of the ground and still up at midnight cooking the vegetables to make a curry. I can honestly say hand on heart I did not waste a single vegetable I entered in to that show. Which considering I entered that lot above and 8 other categories was no easy task.

Writing this has made me feel a lot better about things and I think I will have to try and cheer up and think of the good times to come from this growing season.

James (M6JDB)

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