Monday, 4 January 2010

Not very well !

Still feeling lousy and its probably to do with the amount of junk food I keep shovelling down my neck !
Here is today's lot ;

2 slices of hovis seed sensations with butter and marks and spencer conserve
1 packet of hula hoops
1 packet of walkers prawn cocktail
15 mars celebrations
2 strong coffee's


3 pancakes soaked in sugar and lemon juice.
2 cups of tea.


6 slices of hovis seed sensations, thickly buttered.
1 tin of branston baked beans
1 hand full of cathedral city grated cheddar and a good squeeze of HP

I have also had about 6 glasses of squash in between.


I am up late surfing the net because my throat is so sore i can't sleep and I have demolished
8 Jacobs cream crackers, loaded with cheese and half a dozen shallots.
Another 2 mugs of tea and soon some biscuits if I can find any !

I weighed myself this morning and I am a 15 1/2 stone

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