Friday, 29 January 2010

Posh Cheese on Toast an Friday Night Curry

Up and out early today. I had 2 slices of warburtons wholemeal bread toasted and buttered for breakfast which was nice, but I ran out of tea bags yesterday so I had to have a coffee !
I manged to get all of the agricultural supplies, organic poultry feed and ground oyster shell that I needed and picked up some bread and milk on the way back. I was only out for an hour so I managed a bit of time outside with the hens.

Lunch - Lunchtime arrived quickly and my wife had prepared cheese on toast or "Posh Cheese on Toast" as I call it. She thickly sliced the wholemeal bread I had bought from the bakers, toasted it under the grill and covered it with chopped tomatoes and cheese with a bit of onion for good measure. Very nice it was too.
Posh Cheese on Toast
TEA - Now tea was a different affair. According to the planner we were supposed to be having sausage and mash, however, my wife ate her vegetarian sausages yesterday instead of a Linda McCartney Pie on her roast dinner so I had to cook something else. I searched through the cupboard and found 2 jars of ready prepared sauce. One was Levi Roots, Caribbean Curry Sauce and the other one is Amoy Yellow Bean, Soy and Cashew Nuts sauce.
The Empty Sauce Jars

I fried up some QUORN pieces and a couple of onions in some olive oil and warmed the sauces in separate pans. When the Quorn pieces and onion were browned I split them equally between the sauces and left them to warm through and infuse on a low heat for just over half an hour. I prepared the rice, cooked as instructed on the packet but added a stock cube to the water for a bit of extra flavour. We had a couple of slices of garlic bread left from the other night so I popped those under the grill too. Everything was plated up ready.
Quorn Curry and Beer

I will give yo my honest opinion on tonight's meal and that is that the best thing about it was the burnt garlic bread and the rice ! The reggae curry sauce seemed watery and hot for hot's sake. The Amoy sauce was thick but tasted like Cough Syrup mixed with Marmite. Out of the two the Caribbean Curry sauce was the best but on reflection neither were as tasty as a tin of chopped tomatoes with some onions and a couple of spoons of East End foods curry powder mixed in ! The alcohol free Becks lager was nice though and so was the bag of wine gums after the meal. Definitely the worst meal of the week and I cooked it !

Wine Gums for Dessert

The Maynards Wine Gums, the best part of tonight's meal. As far as drinks go I had a couple of Becks alcohol free, 3 mugs of coffee and plenty of orange squash.
I will work on the meal planner for next week now and also write out the shopping list for the morning.

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