Saturday, 9 January 2010

Still ill but eaten some fruit !

Right, I had a good lie in today and did't rise until 11. I was presented with a cup of tea and some hot buttered toast in bed. GREAT START !

Still not feeling well so I did a bit of light housework and only had a banana for lunch.

Tea was a different matter, I still feel low and the weather is very cold so my body is still craving animal fat. I am 15 1/2 stone and 6ft 5ins tall so not greatly overweight.
In all honesty I am normally over 16 stone between December and March and then down as low as 15 stone during the summer months when I am more active in the garden and we have more fresh produce available.
Back to the meals !


1 slice of Hovis seed sensations with butter
1 Mug of tea


1 Banana
4 Glases of Robinsons squash


3 Sausage sandwiches which consisted of
8 free range pork sausages
6 Slices of hovis seed sensations bread well buttered
10 Thorntons continental chocolates


2 Clementines
1 Apple
1 Plum ( would of been more but they aren't ripe ! )
1 Banana

several mugs of tea, glasses of robinsons squash and plain water.

Still too much fat and junk and not enough fruit and veg but I am confident this will improve as I get better !

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