Friday, 15 January 2010

Vegetarian day !

Good day today and meat free too ! I must admit I was at home all day so it is easier to prepare and enjoy nutritional food and meals without the constant worry of a set time limit.


This is a photograph of my lovely breakfast. Very simple but very filling, nutritious and tastey too.
Two slices of thick white toast with half a tin of chopped tomatoes and a pinch of salt and pepper !
3 mugs of tea to wash it down and you are off to a flying start !


Well after a good breakfast lunch was quite light.
1 cheese sandwich ( cathedral city ) on organic wholemeal bread
4 Home grown and pickled onions
1/2 packet of walkers worcestershire sauce flavour crisps


A fantastic evening meal prepared by my loving wife,

Pasta, salad and bread.

My goodness it looks like something out of a magazine !

Pasta  spirals
Tesco finest sundried tomato and basil sauce
Grated cathedral city cheddar
Mixed salad leaves and cucumber
Organic wholemeal bread with olive oil and balsamic herby dip !

Again drinks were around 8 mugs of tea, 6 glasses of robinson's squash and half a bottle of appletize.

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