Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Bacon Sandwich, Fresh Authentic Sushi

I had to be up and out early this morning but still managed to get a couple of bacon sandwiches down. To help me get out on time my vegetarian wife cooked them for me. Now that must be love !
Sorry I haven't got a photograph of the bacon sandwich but the camera battery was flat and I hadn't got time to charge it.

Yesterday was my birthday but unfortunately I was out until quite late so only had cheese on toast. Now the exciting bit. For a birthday surprise my wife arranged for her Japanese friend to prepare some sushi for us as a special treat.

Sushi Selection

What a fantastic selection of freshly prepared food. The Handmade and Homemade Fayre included, Smoked Salmon, Fresh Salmon Roe, Eel, Octopus, Cucumber, Egg ( our own organic eggs from the garden ) With sticky Japanese rice and all bound up with sea weed. Sliced ginger and wasabi were served as accompaniments. Everything was really amazing and I couldn't believe how filling it all was.
What a fantastic birthday treat.

Smoked Salmon, Octopus and Plain Rice Sushi

Organic Egg Sushi

Eel, Salmon and Cucumber Sushi

My First Serving with Soy Dipping Sauce

The 3 Sushi Platters
Please click on the Photograph to
enlarge it for a better view.

What more can i say ? From the lowest food point of the year yesterday to the highest today. What a brilliant and scrumptious surprise.

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julia said...

hey dude, cool sushi, i think it would have been probably better if you had COOKED it first hee hee. Happy birthday for yesterday

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