Sunday, 7 February 2010

Bacon Sandwich, Sunday Roast Dinner

Great roast dinner today and some quality bacon for breakfast. No nasty snacks and plenty of fruit, veg and fluids. A good day all round and I feel better for it !

Breakfast - A great Sunday breakfast of free range streaky bacon and tinned tomato sandwiches on Warburtons seeded bread, with a good squirt of HP brown sauce and a couple of mugs of tea.
Streaky Bacon and Tomato Sandwich

I had two of those sandwiches for breakfast and very satisfying they were too. Well as I cleared away the breakfast things I decided to start on the traditional Sunday roast that we were to have mid afternoon. I had purchased a couple of ham hocks from Essington Fruit Farm earlier in the week and one of those ham hocks was to be slow roasted as the main part of the meal.

The uncooked Ham Hock

This was roasted in the oven at 150 degrees centigrade for about 4 hours and then carved up and rested for an hour before serving. While this was cooking I collected some parsnips and broccoli from "Muddy Footprints" Farm shop which is local to us and provides a fantastic range of fresh and preserved produce all year round and most of it actually grown by them.
Well all that taken care of and the household chores completed we sat down to our meal.

Sunday Roast

The picture above was taken before the gravy was added.
Tea - Slow Roasted Ham Hock, Roasted Wilja Potatoes, Roasted Carrots and Parsnips, Steamed Broccoli and Paxo Sage and Onion Stuffing. As I say every time we have stuffing I really should find out how to make my own. It was all very tasty and filling. So filling in fact I only managed that one plate full and I was stuffed. Unusual for me as I normally have at least two of these plates full on a Sunday if not more ! I think I might be actually losing weight since I started this food diary, how bizarre ?

No meal planner written down but we seem to be doing quite well as the fridge and freezer contents are being used up in a good rotational order and I am trying to up my fruit and vegetable intake and at the same time reduce my crisp and chocolate consumption.
Snacks today in between those two meals were a banana, an apple and a portion of sultanas.
Not a bad start to the week lets hope I can keep it up.

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David said...

Looks like a tasty meal! Sunday roast is a nice tradition, my grandmother used to do a roast for the extended family every Sunday (though not especially creative it was good boding time!).

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