Thursday, 4 February 2010

Beans on Toast, Fish Cakes Wedges and Salad

Finally plucked up the courage to go supermarket shopping today and had a really good time. I even went to Essington Fruit Farm and picked up some Pork Hocks and sausage and bacon.
However due to the absence of a meal planner the food shopping was a bit hap hazard so I will have to revise things tomorrow.

Breakfast - 2 mugs of tea ! That's it nothing else until a portion of sultanas mid morning.

Beans on Toast

Lunch - Was the old favourite of branston baked beans on toast. Plenty of butter and then topped off with a generous squirt of HP brown sauce ( sauce not shown ) It was a light lunch by my standards, just two rounds of toast and 1/2 a tin of branston baked beans. Another couple of mugs of tea too !

Tea - Well because we had been supermarket shopping we picked up a couple of things that were on offer or reduced because of their looming sell by date. This was meant to provide a very cheap meal that would of otherwise been very costly at full price.
I wish I hadn't bothered the Inspire Potato Wedges which are endorsed by master chefs very own Greg Wallace were utter rubbish ! They smelled of rotting potato and didn't taste much better. They were covered in black bits and eyes and what was supposed to be olive oil and herb dressing but was more like water and shredded pond weed. Shame on you Greg Wallace !
The finely sliced ranch salad didn't really do it for me either I am afraid. The sauce and topping were great but the vegetables were just lacking in taste.

Fish Cakes, Wedges and Salad

Hats off to Whitby Seafoods though for their Smoked Haddock and Spring onion Fish Cakes. They really hit the spot and were the shining star on my plate this evening ! Great smell, great taste, and great consistency. Fantastic all round. The flavour really is something to write home about and you get 4 frozen fishcakes for £1 at ASDA and tasting like that I would have truly paid £1 each for them. If you have plenty of time and the finest ingredients you could with some skill maybe make something better but for the price and convenience they can't be beaten. I will be having these again really soon.

Drinks wise I must of had 5 mugs of tea, 3 glasses of squash and a litre of fizzy Vimto. If you don't know what that is then do a google search or keep checking back and I will explain one day.

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