Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Cereal, Wrap, Pizza

A good start to the day. I was up at first light and had a bowl of crunchy nut shredded wheat with a sliced banana on top and a couple of mugs of tea.
Cereal & Banana

I have just realised that this is the first bowl of cereal I have had since the start of the year. It must be nearing spring time. I prefer a cooked breakfast in winter time and cereal and fruit in the summer but this year I seem to be mixing it up a bit. Hopefully I will go to the farm shop and pick up some bacon soon.

Lunch - After such a great start to the day I had quite a light lunch too. A cheese and homemade coleslaw wrap. This used up the left over coleslaw from last night in a good way.
Cheese and Coleslaw Wrap with Crisps

Well that looks a bit sparse but hey it was only something quick to use up the coleslaw. By mid afternoon I was a bit peckish so had a glass of orange juice, a banana and an apple. I was meant to pick up some sultanas when I went shopping but forgot, I have really gone off the raisins now.

Tea - We opted for a quick tea and pizza came out the winner. I didn't make the base but used a large type Pitta bread I had found in our local supermarket, covered it in Ragu Sauce and sprinkled it with mature cheddar cheese and a few dried herbs, absolutely delicious.
Homemade Pizza

Well that was supposed to be all but I felt quite hungry when I got home from my evening appointment and ate half a block of Cadbury's Whole nut chocolate and a crisp sandwich. Two real English Traditions there until Cadbury's sold out. I do hope the chocolate still tastes the same in years to come.
Dairy Milk Whole Nut

Crisp Sandwich

Well that is a lot of bread in one day. I find that's how it goes, a light food day yesterday and a heavy food day today. Lets hope tomorrow brings some interesting food and flavours.
Once again thanks for the e-mails and thanks for the video link left in the comments yesterday it really made me chuckle. I will have to post another photograph of myself again soon.

Until tomorrow.......................

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB)

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