Monday, 22 February 2010

Cheese Sandwich, Pasta

I knew the end of half term would signal a downturn in food intake but I didn't think it would be this dramatic.
I was up all night with my son who has picked up a bug and was quite ill. Consequently I fell asleep about half past 7 and missed both of my morning appointments and breakfast.
All was not lost, when I woke up at lunchtime my wife had made us both a beautiful cheese salad sandwich and garnished it with crisps and homemade pickles.
Cheese & Salad Sandwich

Absolutely scrumptious, and believe me when having not eaten for 19 hours I savoured every mouth full.

Tea - Missed appointments this morning meant out late this evening. A quick evening meal of pasta spirals, tomato and garlic sauce and a bit of grated cheese on top was again prepared by my loving wife.

Pasta Spirals, Tomato Sauce and Cheese

Just 2 meals today, snacks were an apple and a banana. I have gone off raisins at the moment but will buy some sultanas when I get to go shopping again and try those.
Anyway all was well with the children when I got home so an early night is on the cards.
Lets hope for a better day tomorrow,


James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

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