Saturday, 13 February 2010

Chip and Cheese Butties, Mackerel and Salad

Had a brilliant family day today but not a great food one ! The kids picked the lunch today and I had tea alone so it was a good mix.

Breakfast - A piece of toast and a mug of tea. Not the greatest breakfast but at least it was something and I made the effort. When I eat breakfast I don't seem to eat as much during the rest of the day as I do otherwise.

Lunch - The sons choice:
Chip and Cheese Butties

Not the greatest lunch ever but it was very satisfying. Plenty of stodge as I like to call it. Crinkle cut oven chips and Mature Cheddar Cheese on a heavily buttered sesame seed covered baguette. I pushed the boat out and had some pickled red cabbage on mine !

Tea - We all had separate teas this evening, It doesn't really happen very often but today it did. I tried some ASDA Extra Special Mackerel Fillets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Very tasty they were too.
Mackerel Fillets

I had these tinned mackerel fillets with 3 slices of Warburton's Seeded Batch spread with real butter, and a few slices of cucumber with a tomato cut up into segments. A light meal by my standards but still tasty and surprisingly filling.
Mackerel Fillets, Bread and Butter and Salad Vegetables

Looking at the photograph it doesn't really seem to appealing but believe me it was.
Fish out of tins has never really appealed to me but as the supermarkets just seem to sell absolute rubbish full of flavourings and colourings on their fish counters, then at the moment tinned fish is probably the best option. Roll on the summer when I can learn to catch and cook my own fish.
Snacks today were, a banana, an apple, a portion of raisins. Plenty of mugs of tea and also a couple of pints of water.
Lets have another good day tomorrow,

James Broadhouse

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