Saturday, 6 February 2010

Full English Breakfast, Homemade Cheese and Onion Flan, New Potatoes and Salad

I was up early and out to see the hens. They are all in good health and laying well despite the cold weather. I picked up 2 fresh, still warm eggs and headed inside.
Breakfast - I have been neglecting breakfast lately so today I was determined to buck the trend and pull out all the stops ! Well I did it, and my goodness do I feel better for it. I had a Full English Breakfast minus the black pudding. I do love black pudding on my full English breakfast but as I forgot to pick some up at Essington Fruit Farm on Friday and I won't purchase any from anywhere else I have had to do without !
Despite this I still managed a good show, 3 free range pork sausages, 3 rashers of streaky bacon, 2 organic fried eggs, 2 breakfast mushrooms, 2 Slices of buttered toast, 1/2 tin of baked beans, a squirt of HP sauce and a mug of tea.
Now that is what I call a good start to the day !

A Full English Breakfast

Look at the colour of those egg yolks. You will certainly be hard pushed to buy eggs as good as those from anywhere.

Lunch - My breakfast was so satisfying that apart from an apple and a portion of sultanas I didn't have to eat again until tea time so missed lunch completely.

Tea - Well after eating those fantastic eggs this morning I decided to utilise some more and make a cheese and onion flan or quiche for tea. I whipped up some short crust pastry and while that was chilling I mixed 4 eggs and 1/3 of a pint of milk with a pinch of salt and pepper, grated the cheese and fried a thinly sliced onion. It looked and tasted superb.

Quiche, Salad and New Potatoes

That is how it all looked before we dug in. The new potatoes were boiled in lightly salted water and then coated in butter, The salad was just a bag of mixed leaves with a few fresh herbs sprinkled on top and then some sliced peppers and tomato on the side.

My meal.

The only other snacks I had today was half of a Cadbury creme egg Easter egg and a banana. Plenty of mugs of tea and squash and even a couple of glasses of new Cherry Vimto which was a real treat.
Here's to the tomorrows Sunday Roast, Goodnight.

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