Friday, 12 February 2010

Home Made Pizza, Lemon meringue

Very, very busy today so I didn't bother with breakfast. Had a mug of tea and shot out of the house at first light.
Lunch - I did pop back home at lunch time but didn't really take the time to prepare anything so just grabbed a packet of Walkers Cheese and chive crisps and an individual lemon meringue pie.

Home made Lemon Meringue

What a beautiful Lemon Meringue, Home Made by my mother in law. Really tasty, so tasty in fact that I had another one while I was cooking the tea !

Tea - Friday tea and it is my turn again ! I thought I would try out one of my birthday presents and make a pizza on my new baking stone. It was great. The base seemed to rise a lot more than usual and cooked beautifully without burning the topping or crust.
I made the pizza base myself and topped it with tomato sauce, mozzarella, cheddar, onion, fresh tomato, jalapeno peppers and a sprinkle of Italian mixed herbs.

Home Made Pizza

As you can see it looked pretty good and the photograph does not do it justice. It really was great. We had it with bubble and squeak which was yesterdays leftover mash and cabbage mashed with fried onions and olive oil and then reheated in the oven and some Branston Baked Beans. Oh and a dollop of Hellmans Mayonnaise.

My Tea.

As usual I couldn't stop at one plate so I had exactly the same again and then a bit less the 3rd time. I didn't take additional photographs because in all honesty it gets a bit embarrassing some times.
Anyway after 3 plates full of pizza baked beans and Bubble 'N' Squeak I had a rest for a couple of hours before having my dessert.

Apple Crumble and Custard

Now then that is a treat. Apple crumble and custard. Probably my favourite desert of all time.
As a rule I try and lay off the sweet stuff because once I start I tend to carry on to excess and today was one of those days I am afraid.
Oh well, onwards and upwards as they say. A new meal planner and some different meals coming next week and I am also going to start to keep costings if I can so I know exactly how much we are spending on food !

Until next time................

James Broadhouse M6JDB

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