Monday, 8 February 2010

McDonalds Big Mac Meal, Cheese on Toast

A very busy day today, lots of appointments to keep, an evening class to attend and also I had to get some tyres fitted on the car !

Breakfast - As usual I am slipping in to old habits and I skipped breakfast, just 2 mugs of tea and out of the door.

Lunch - Well I am very disappointed with myself, I was out all day and didn't take anything to eat with me. I was with a group of people who readily eat McDonald's so I just tagged along. It goes against my ethics and principles and I feel quite ashamed that I ate it so I won't say anymore on the subject.
Big Mac Meal ( Shameful )

Tea - As I didn't get back until very late my tea was simple but very tasty and satisfying. A plateful of cheese on toast with a side salad. It has to be good brown bread and this was Warburton's seeded batch and it has to be a mature cheddar cheese, we used Cathedral City.

Cheese on Toast and Side Salad

It was garnished with a squirt of Heinz Tomato Sauce, a squirt of HP Brown Sauce and washed down with a glass of cherry Vimto and a quickly followed by a mug of tea.
Snacks today were a packet of Chili Heatwave Doritos, a Snickers bar, a banana and a portion of sultanas.

I have been informed by my wife that tomorrow evening we are having a mystery meal and I will be surprised !!! Very mysterious.

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