Monday, 1 February 2010

Ploughmans, Vegetable Tart and Roasters.

3 Meals today and nothing bad either ! Well we still haven't done the supermarket shopping but I did get some tea bags today. A cup of beautiful tea, how refreshing.

Breakfast - Two rounds of warburtons seeded batch, well buttered and honey spread on top. Made even better by a lovely cup of tea.

Lunch - I was home for lunch and my wife made a beautiful sandwich on home baked wholemeal bread, thickly sliced mature cheddar cheese and branston pickle. With pickled beetroot and home made pickled onions on the side. Oh and a sliced apple.

Poor Mans Ploughman's

Tea - Well that was down to me and being as I have been so busy ( lazy ) the last few days then a meal planner or the supermarket shopping hasn't been done. Again I turned to the freezer. Remember the vegetable tarts we had a couple of weeks ago ? My wife made extra for a later date. Well this is that date !
All I had to do was peel and roast the potatoes and open a couple of tins of baked beans and the meal was done.
Vegetable Tart, Roast Potatoes and Baked Beans

Not a bad day, I did have a couple of snacks, 1 apple, a portion (40g) of sultanas and the only bad thing of the day was 2 Maryland chocolate chip cookies. I have got to lay off the mugs of tea though, I have had about 8 today as well as 3 coffee's this morning and half a dozen glasses of squash.
Supermarket shopping tomorrow and hopefully a meal planner too.
I could do with some salad and I also fancy some vegetable soup, so I better shop accordingly.

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