Friday, 19 February 2010

Posh Cheese on toast, Sea Bass and Faith Restored

Up early and with a spring in my step, I didn't want to let last nights meal upset drag my spirits down so I just got on with my banana, raisins and orange juice for breakfast.

I had to return to the supermarket where I had purchased last nights mackerel and try and reach a satisfactory conclusion. This was rectified in an efficient manner and I will elaborate later. Now its time for Lunch - My wife made it and I was really pleased too. Posh cheese on toast and lots of it !

Posh Cheese on Toast

Warburtons seeded batch bread spread generously with tomato puree and topped with grated mature cheddar cheese and rings of Spanish onion and a little sprinkle of mixed Italian herbs. Doesn't it look really tasty. After last nights let down I was really hungry today and I actually ate 5 of these slices of posh cheese on toast. Now that was satisfying.

Tea - Well due to the great work of the staff at Morrisons Supermarket in Pendeford, tonight I am cooking and eating Sea Bass Fillets with vegetable stir fry and noodles.
Now I love vegetable stir fry and I love Noodles and I am hoping I will love the Sea Bass.

Sea Bass, Vegetable Stir Fry & Noodles

It was excellent, a real treat. The fish was superb and so was the stir fry and noodles that accompanied it. A real credit to Morrisons Supermarket Fresh Fish Counter. The stir fry and sharwoods noodles were also from there and think they will be getting a lot more of my custom in the future. That's 1 and a 1/2 of the fillets in the photograph, my daughter had the other bit with mashed carrots and potatoes.

Now the conclusion of the worms in fish saga and I must say it was a very happy ending.

Fantastic Customer Service !

What a fantastic result. After the initial first contact with head office customer service i felt very deflated. I phoned the store in Wolverhampton and they were a lot more courteous, they invited me to return to the store and return the mackerel that I had bought.

I did so this morning at half 10 and was welcomed by Bev Brown. She had already been briefed about the problem via a note left on the desk from the customer service advisor who took my phone call last night. Very efficient.

Bev took my details and called for the assistant manager, Chris O'Shea who arrived promptly and inspected the mackerel fillets. I am very sorry but these are commonly known as cod worm and do appear in sea fish eg, cod and mackerel from time to time. He assured me that all fish in the store is inspected and thoroughly cleaned before being packaged and placed on display. However very occasionally due to the high volume of turnover a piece of contaminated fish does make it to the shelf.
A very honest, informative and concise answer I thought.

Happy with his explanation I returned to the fish counter where I selected 2 very nice Sea Bass Fillets. After a thorough inspection they were bagged up and given to me free of charge, that is good customer service. I made my way to the store exit and passed the customer service desk where I was again stopped by Bev Brown who presented me with a £5 gift voucher for the inconvenience and a slip from the customer complaint form which is to be forwarded to head office.

I left the store with 2 great looking Sea Bass Fillets, a £5 gift voucher and a real feeling of satisfaction that comes from fantastic customer service.

Congratulations Morrisons Pendeford.

You have retained my custom and reassured my faith in customer service. Well done.

Here's to tomorrow and what it brings,

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

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