Thursday, 11 February 2010

Sandwich, Sausage and Mash

I didn't fancy any breakfast but did have a couple of mugs of tea before I went out the door.

Lunch - I managed to get home for lunch and had a couple of Cheese and Branston Pickle sandwiches and a packet of Walker's plain crisps. Another 2 mugs of tea and I was on my way again.

Cheese and Branston Pickle Sandwiches

Tea - I have been craving gravy for a while and with the continued absence of a meal planner I had to turn to the freezer for some inspiration. I found some free range pork sausages that I had bought in bulk last week and frozen. I went to the vegetable store and found a Savoy Cabbage and a pot full of Wilja Potatoes.
Sausage and mash with steamed Savoy cabbage with gravy and course grain mustard. Beautiful
Sausage, Mash and Savoy Cabbage with Gravy

My goodness, there was half a pint of milk and 200g of Anchor free range butter in that mash and it was lip smackingly good. The cabbage was steamed to perfection and the sausages had been cooked slowly in the oven so they were crisps and succulent at the same time. This was a great meal for a cold day. I enjoyed it so much I had another portion !
My Second Plate of Tea

I was really thrilled with my tea. I think I will be thrilled again when I fry the left over mash and cabbage with some onions and olive oil for lunch. Maybe even a poached egg on the side. Only tomorrow will tell.

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