Thursday, 18 February 2010

Toast, Crisps, Fish and Disappointment

I was up early this morning an had a banana and a couple of portions of raisins for breakfast. The drink was orange juice. I am getting quite used to my higher fruit intake but it doesn't always satisfy my hunger. Half an hour later I had 2 rounds of buttered toast.

Lunch - Two packets of Walkers Crisps. A terrible lunch I know but I am building up to a big tea that I have been looking forward to for ages.

Tea - I went to a local supermarket today ( The one that advertises its fresh fish counter as fantastic and with great customer service ) I bought 4 King Scallops and 2 fresh mackerel fillets.
King Scallops, Chips and Salad

What a delight, beautiful king scallops, homemade crinkle cut chips an a side salad of peppers, red onion, iceberg lettuce and shredded white cabbage. A real dream but not up to my usual portion size, this is where the disappointment comes from.
As I said I purchased 2 mackerel fillets from the fresh fish counter of a local supermarket. The one fillet was for me and the other for my 8 month old daughter, she loves fish and mackerel mashes easily with vegetables and potatoes. However after unwrapping the mackerel I discovered it was covered in thin almost translucent, live wriggling worms ! Oh dear ! What is the fat man and the baby supposed to eat now ? I can have the king scallops but judging by the quality of the mackerel I wouldn't trust them enough to let the baby eat them. I took a standby pot of frozen vegetable mash I had made previously out of the freezer and started to warm it through for the baby. This delayed the meal for everyone, the chips were in and so was the wife's vegetable lasagne. I had been looking forward to this meal for ages, as regular readers now we only have homemade chips once a month so this and the fresh fish were a real treat that I had been looking forward to.
After being quite put off my evening meal I telephoned the supermarket head office customer service, I didn't get the response I expected. Worms in the fish eh ? Take it back to where you bought it.
No apology, no empathy not even a general "how do you do ?" or "where in the country are you ?"
How rude !
I telephoned the store where the fish was purchased and got a better response, straight away an apology and an invitation to return the mackerel to the store.
Fingers crossed we reach a satisfactory conclusion, If not I will have to name and shame the said supermarket and give a full and detailed account of the whole saga.
This may not mean much to all my readers in the United States and those via The New York Times but it will to all the supermarket shoppers in the UK.
Fingers Crossed for tomorrow,

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

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