Sunday, 14 February 2010

Tomato Soup, Sunday Roast, Home Made Cup Cakes

Up and ready for breakfast this morning, I decided to have a change from the norm of toast and bacon with sausage and eggs and go for the fruit option. I was quite hungry but I think I feel better for it.

Breakfast - A banana, a portion of raisins and an apple all washed down with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. This was swiftly followed by 2 mugs of tea.

Lunch - I stayed pretty full from the fruit so by lunch time I only required a little something to carry on the day. We decided on Heinz Tomato Soup and some Warburtons seeded batch bread. The soup was on offer when we did our Saturday big shop and though I am not the biggest fan of tinned soup I thought it would be a good store cupboard standby.
Heinz Tomato Soup with Bread and Butter

As it happens we used it the very next day. As tinned soup goes I think Heinz Cream of Tomato is probably the best of the lot and with a few rounds of bread and butter is enough for anyone at lunch time.

Tea - Things didn't really go to plan and I feel quite gutted. I bought a Pheasant on Friday, already gutted and oven ready. However unfortunately and not to my knowledge the bird had been previously frozen and when I unwrapped it today to pop it in the oven it was definitely past its best. Now I like my game birds well hung but this was certainly over ripe.
At least I had a pack of free range sausage I had frozen myself tucked away for emergencies so all was not lost.
Sausage, Mash, Roasted Winter Vegetables and Savoy Cabbage

As you can see things turned out quite well. The meal consisted of 3 free range pork sausages, Savoy Cabbage, Roasted Winter Vegetables ( Leeks, Carrots and Parsnips ) Paxo Sage and Onion Stuffing and Creamy Mashed Potato made with Wilja potatoes, organic milk and free range butter.

Dessert - Now today being Valentines day my wife made some cup cakes especially for me ! They looked fantastic and tasted even better.
Home Made Cup Cakes and Butterfly Cakes

So nice in fact that I have eaten 4 today !
Lets hope the fruit for breakfast counteracted it ha ha ha !
I hope I can keep the fruit and vegetable uptake going for a few days.

Fantastic !

Less cakes, more fruit and veg. Fingers croassed !

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