Sunday, 28 March 2010

Beans on Toast, Chinese Take away.

Had a pretty crappy day. I am having Sunday as a rest day so no blog and with a bit of luck staying in bed most of the day and then restart my life again on Monday.

I didn't have any breakfast as I wanted to get my work done and dusted before lunchtime so I could have the rest of the day to myself.

Lunch - Work over and time for something to eat. The ultra quick standby and great British favourite of Baked Beans on toast with plenty of HP sauce.
Beans on Toast

What a bonza lunch. Lots to do in the afternoon so I was out and about trying to get things done. I felt really shattered from a hard weeks work and the baby has been quite unwell so we have been to the emergency doctors and running around to get medication for her.

Tea - We are all tired and nobody wanted to cook. The baby needs constant attention and we are all starving. We haven't had a take away for ages and this was the time to break the trend.
Every ones favourite is Chinese so it was decided.

Chinese Take Away

That is a terrible photograph and doesn't do the fantastic food justice at all. I had an absolute feast, Peking Duck, Chips, Boiled Rice, Vegetable Spring Roll, Prawn Crackers and Vegetable Curry.
I had about 3 plates in all but I was enjoying it so much I forgot to take anymore photographs. It was delicious, not a single thing was less than perfect and all for a bargain price too. The Joy Inn, Wolverhampton really is the best Chinese take away we have ever tried.

What could you have to finish off a meal like this ? Banana Fritters ? Fruit Salad ? Cream Cake ?
How about a nice early Easter Egg !
An Easter Egg

That Easter egg was delicious even though a little indulgent. I ate the whole lot and hardly stopped to chew or breathe.

Non of this rambling tomorrow. Sunday is my first day off this year and I plan to spend as much of it in bed, spending time with my chickens or talking on my radio as I can. I will not be taking photographs and I will not be filling in this blog.
Have a great day and hopefully catch up Monday

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

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wockley said...

The baked beans...bring em on!! However slap on a runny poached egg with Chief sauce running down & mingling with the yo;k & beans- wow!
Have you tried Marmite on toast with baked beans on top James?

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