Friday, 19 March 2010

Cereal, Cheese & Branston Sandwich, Homemade Quiche

I was up in plenty of time today and even managed breakfast and half an hour on the radio before I went to work !

Breakfast - A bowl of Kellog's rice crispies with a banana sliced on top and plenty of ice cold organic semi skimmed milk.
Cereal, Banana and a Mug of Tea

A pretty good start to the day and really tasty. I feel a lot better now and the early morning starts and lighter evenings are really doing my mental health some good too.

Lunch - Well home for lunch and I fancied a cheese sandwich. I was pretty hungry and so made a few. I finished the jar of shallots yesterday and I have only got a couple of jars left so it was just crisps today i am afraid.
Cheese Sandwiches

Added to these were a few generous spoons of Branston Pickle and a packet of walkers crisps. I also had an apple and a hand full of sultanas. Quite a good lunch really. Six slices of bread, half a block of cheese and a packet of crisps. I consulted Marjorie Doors and she said its not all bad.

Tea - I cooked tea tonight and made a quiche from scratch. First the shortcrust pastry and then the filling. 4 fantastic free range eggs and half a pint of milk. The other half of the block of cheese left over from lunchtime
2 onions fried and a large tomato. Accompanied by homemade roast potatoes and some Heinz baked beans.
Homemade Quiche

So nice that I couldn't resist another slice,

The Second Slice

I have eaten a fair bit today but still feel quite well. I have had plenty of fluids and also quite a lot of sweets. 4 packets of rowntrees fruit gums. Anyway at least I will be able to finish the rest off that are stuck round my gums later .

Until tomorrow............................

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

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