Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Cheese and Houmous Sandwich, Quorn Curry and Noodles

A bit of a strange day food wise, I was up early but didn't fancy any breakfast. Unfortunately by 10am I was starving and ended up eating two packets of Walkers Crisps and a banana. Not a good breakfast by any ones standards.

Lunch - I really wasn't interested in food today. I didn't have an appointment until early evening and I just squandered my time up until then.
Cheese & Houmous Sandwich with Home Pickled Shallots

This is my half hearted attempt at lunch, I really couldn't get myself motivated today. It was jalapeno pepper houmous and some home pickled shallots that I made back in September.

Tea - I couldn't even be bothered to do a proper tea. I was looking forward to a homemade quiche and garlic roast potatoes but instead ended up with a few pieces of quorn in a jar of curry sauce and some noodles
Quorn Curry and Noodles

That really did taste as bad as it looks. Boring an unappetising. However it did come in at only 50p a portion so it wasn't all bad. It was pretty good for the waistline too because all I ate was that bit there and went out.
With a small portion for lunch and uninteresting tea I did feel a bit peckish when I got home. Not to break the trend I had an equally uninspiring supper consisting of a Snickers chocolate bar, a mug of tea and 2 slices of brown bread toast.
Supper !

Lets hope I can pull my finger out tomorrow and get some cooking done. I have only got one appointment and that is in the morning so that gives me plenty of scope to be creative for the rest of the day.
A bit of fruit and veg wouldn't go a miss either, no wonder I feel so down in the dumps.

Here's to tomorrow and all that it brings ........................

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

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