Thursday, 4 March 2010

Cheese Baguette, Homemade Pizza, Wedges & Side Salad

My goodness I had to be sharp this morning, I was up early and had to get plenty done at home before going to my first am appointment. I didn't have any breakfast but on the plus side I didn't have any junk food either.

Lunch - I managed to get home for lunch time and my loving wife had prepared a Cheese and Cucumber Baguette for us both.
Cheese and Cucumber Baguette

As you can see I had a packet of crisps with mine. What a great and filling lunch that was. It felt really satisfying and as a result I was able to get plenty done this afternoon. I hadn't got another meeting until this evening so I took it up on myself to prepare the evening meal.

Tea - Well that was the plan any way but we had one of my son's friends round for tea so while I entertained the kids my wife made the Chili potato wedges for us and some herb potato wedges for the kids. When they were in the oven I made a start on the pizza's !
Homemade Pizza, Wedges & Side Salad

What a brilliant tea, I only wish I had taken a photograph of the pizza as a whole before I cut it up. The side salad was a bag of "Bistro" Style Salad from ASDA. It was surprisingly fresh and tasty. Not a patch on our home grown stuff but non the less for a supermarket bagged salad in winter it was pretty good. That concludes today's food. Not a morsel more. I think I did quite well considering the amount of rubbish I have been shovelling in to my body lately.
I must make more effort to have a well balanced diet and include a lot more fruit and vegetable.

Thanks for all the messages of support, especially those that have come from the BBC Food website.
We will continue tomorrow,

Until then, Please take care,

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

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