Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Cheese Sandwich, Fishcakes, Roasts and Salad

What a busy day ! Appointments all over the place from dawn until dusk. I did manage to fit some food in along the way though.

Breakfast - This really was on the go, an apple, a banana and a glass of squash. We didn't have any orange juice and I didn't have time for a cup of tea.

Lunch - A very late lunch. I managed to get home around 4 and my wife had made a cheese sandwich for me. My goodness was I glad of that sandwich, I was absolutely starved and had 2 bags of walkers crisps and half a dozen pickled onions with it.
Cheese Sandwich and Crisps

Tea - Well lunch was very late and I hadn't finished my day there, I was out at an evening appointment that lasted several hours and I didn't get home until almost 10pm. However my wife had taken the time to prepare my favourite fish cakes from Whitby Sea Foods accompanied by chili roast potatoes and a side salad. DELICIOUS !
Fishcakes, Roast Potatoes & Side Salad

That was it ! Not a bite of anything else all day long. For me that is a real achievement. I think that If I can keep sufficiently busy and have food prepared for me for the times when I am not busy then that will be the key to eating less. Saying that though, since starting this blog on the first of January I have lost nearly a stone in weight without even trying.
Sorry this post is late but I was shattered last night and went to bed straight after my meal.
Catch you all later,

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

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