Monday, 1 March 2010

Egg on Toast, Pasta & Pesto, Chip Butties

The first day of spring and I woke to bright sunshine coming through the cracks in the curtains. It was cold outside, even frosty but the sun on my face made me feel happy to be alive !
Breakfast - There is only one start for such a great day as this and that is some of my hens fabulous free range, organic eggs. I fried 2 and had them on thickly buttered brown bread toast. Absolutely Superb. I guarantee you will not get any finer food than this.
Free Range Organic Eggs on Toast

After a start as good as that everything else just seemed to be going downhill !
Lunch - I had been doing a few bits and pieces outside while the sun was shining and felt very hungry, I came in and quickly made a crisp sandwich consisting of 2 slices of freshly baked granary bread and a packet of prawn cocktail crisps.
Crisp Sandwich

Well that was the starter out of the way. I felt absolutely ravenous and needed more food, so while munching on my crisp sandwich I prepared a bowl of pasta, pesto and grated cheese.
Pasta, Pesto and Grated Cheese

Well that was me done and then out for the rest of the afternoon and evening. The problem with coming home late is the feeling that even though you don't feel too hungry you do quite fancy something to eat but can't decide what ? That is where a lot of my food problems lie, I usually end up in the nearest chippy and tonight was no exception. A quick telephone call to the wife to say butter the bread and get the mushy peas on and I will be back in 10 minutes with a bag of chips ! OH DEAR !
Chip Butties and Mushy Peas

That above my friends is a very small sample of what I actually had for supper, in reality it was probably about 4 plates that size. What a bad end to the day. No fruit and very little vegetables too.
Better try harder tomorrow,

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

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