Thursday, 11 March 2010

Feeling ill, Cheese and Houmous Sandwich, Fish Cakes and Chips

No wonder I felt so fed up yesterday, I returned home yesterday evening and felt really under the weather. I woke up late today and was so blocked up I couldn't breathe.
I didn't eat any breakfast and by lunchtime I still didn't feel very hungry but my wife made me a cheese and houmous sandwich with a packet of crisps and some home pickled shallots.
Cheese & Houmous Sandwich with Crisps and Shallots

It's the same as I had yesterday but you can't look a gift horse in the mouth. I would eat the same food everyday if it was made for me. It took some getting down though. I always find it hard to eat when I have got a cold. All that breathing through the mouth while chewing really puts me off.

Tea - I couldn't be bothered to do anything but everyone has to eat. My wife cooked some fishcakes and baked beans and I kept my eye on them while she got some chips from the chip shop.
Fish cakes, Chips and baked beans

That is a dollop of mayonnaise between the fish cakes. I managed to eat it all but I just seem to want chocolate and crisps. I feel really ill. Just think I was going to try and eat loads of fruit today but I have failed in spectacular fashion.
I cancelled all appointments today but still had plenty of telephone calls to make. I have got 2 appointments tomorrow, one in the morning and one in the evening so I hope I can get some sleep tonight.

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )


Nairn said...

Hope you're better soon James (don't like to hear someone is off their food!)

I know this blog is about what you eat, but any chance of seeing or mentioning what your OH eats when she serves to the likes of fish cakes (pretty sure you said she is vegetarian?)

Would be interesting to hear of the differences in your diets :)

Try and keep eating!

wockley said...

I share your suffering. I too am deep in the grips of a imilair infestion & coughing like a Somme gas attack victim (c1916). However being the true John Wayne fan that I am I went into work (twat or wot?!).
Taking all this into account if you have any trouble putting away ANY of the grub thats laid before you please feel at liberty to mail me & I'll call over in my silver dream machine (aka Skoda). I would hate for your refusal of your wife's food offerings to cause a rift between you!
Get well soon James.

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