Saturday, 13 March 2010

Man Flu ! Cheese & Potato Pie and Rocky Road

It was hard to get up today because I didn't get much sleep last night. Blocked nose, sore throat, my eyes wouldn't stop running and I felt like my head was stuck in a vice !

Breakfast was several cups of tea, lots of Robinson's fruit and barley water and a banana.

Lunch was strange to say the least.
Fried Onion and Cheese Sandwich

Well dear viewers that picture above is a fried onion and cheese sandwich. I had a squirt of tomato sauce and another slice of bread on top and that was complete. Not the most Orthodox of lunches but I was making a cheese, potato and onion pie and burnt the onions so instead of ruining tea I ate them on a sandwich for lunch. It certainly helped clear my sinus's.

Tea - As I said I made cheese and potato pie for tea earlier in the day. It was delicious and absolutely loaded with mature cheddar and pepper.
Cheese & Potato Pie, Fish and Baked Beans

Well Cheese and Potato Pie wouldn't be Cheese and Potato Pie without half a tin of baked beans. I thought I would throw on a chunk of bread crumbed cod for good measure too. My wife had vegetable fingers ( she is vegetarian )
Save the animals and eat a vegetarian as the saying goes !

By my standards that was a very small portion, hardly enough to keep a bird alive really. Good job my wife was on form and made a fridge cake for pudding.
Fridge Cake ( Rocky Road )

In that rocky road cake is half a block of butter, Two blocks of chocolate, half a tub of glace cherries and a packet of Maryland Chocolate Chip Cookies oh and some mixed dried fruit. I can feel my arteries hardening already ! That was lovely, really lovely. The only problem is it's about 600 calories a slice.

See you all tomorrow if I make it through the night.

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

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John Gray said...

feed a cold
starve a fever
dont worry about the cake

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