Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sausage Rolls, Homemade Pizza & Side Salad

I had a great day today, I was up nice and early but decided to skip breakfast and get outside in the fresh air. I didn't really do a lot in the garden but did spend some quality time with chickens and checked on the progress of my seedlings. It also gave me a chance to survey the devastation that winter has brought to my vegetable plot and to think of ways I can improve it for this year.

Lunch - I visited Essington fruit farm today and indulged in some of their fantastic free range and home fed pork products.
Sausage Rolls, Homemade Shallots & Tomato

As the photograph shows I had a variety of sausage rolls, some home pickled shallots and a tomato with a bit of salt on. The sausage rolls were beautiful, two of them were sausage and cheese, two of them were sausage and tomato and the last one just plain.
After lunch I had a packet of walkers crisps and two packets of Cadbury's Chocolate animal biscuits.

Cadbury's Chocolate Biscuits

Tea - For tea I thought I would have a rest from the pork because with a bit of luck I should be having a massive blow out breakfast tomorrow morning.
We had a a couple of pizza bases left from earlier in the week so the quickest and simplest tea was homemade pizza with side salad and garlic bread made from the left over baguette a few days ago.
Homemade Pizza, Garlic Bread and a Side Salad

We didn't get the supermarket shopping done but at least I have got the meat for the next couple of weeks and all for only £20 so I am quite happy. I am already looking forward to tomorrows breakfast so I will be going to bed in a minute to start dreaming.

Until tomorrow.............

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

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