Friday, 5 March 2010

Toast. Tuna Wrap, Homemade Curry

I have had a better day today. I wasn't up too early but at least I had time for a couple of pieces of toast for breakfast. I had an appointment all morning so didn't get back until lunchtime and then set about making myself a tuna, salad cream and salad wrap.
Tuna, Salad & Salad Cream Wrap

I hadn't got any more appointments today so my time was spent doing housework and general chores. On the plus side though I was really looking forward to my tea which was to be a fantastic homemade curry.

Tea - The best meal for ages ! I made this curry back in August from my prize winning vegetables I took to the Codsall Wood Show. It contained Home grown Cauliflower, Home Grown Peas, Home Grown, Tomatoes, Home Grown Courgettes and Home Grown Onions. Cooked in authentic spices and then popped in the deep freeze ready to provide a hearty and wholesome meal in winter.
This meal really was fantastic !
Homemade Curry & Accompaniments

As you can see from the photographs we had our beautiful homemade curry with brown rice, garlic and coriander nan bread, poppadums and mango chutney. What an absolute feast.

Supermarket shopping tomorrow so a chance to stock up on plenty of fruit and with a bit of luck remember the sultanas. I might even get to Essington and pick up a few free range sausages and maybe a ham hock for Sunday Lunch.
Here's to a great weekend,

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

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