Saturday, 20 March 2010

Tomatoes on Toast, Beans on Toast, Pasta & Homemade Cakes

I was at work this morning which is a bit of a bummer as I am on a salary and don't get anything extra for it. Anyway I suppose I am in work which is not a bad thing and beggars can't be choosers.

Breakfast - The heroes breakfast of tomatoes on toast. Tinned tomatoes are only 60p a can and we usually have a loaf in so it's a cheap option.
Tomatoes on Toast

A lot of food for the start of the day but it stops me snacking in between meals. After all that bread you would think I fancied something different for lunch but unfortunately due to lack of funds and no time to go shopping I ended up with a crust of beans on toast.

Beans on Toast

Tea - After all that bread it was time for something a bit different, Vegetable pasta and cheese with a splash of tomato and basil sauce.

Pasta, Vegetables & Cheese

A great tea really, plenty of courgettes, peppers and onions and not forgetting the half a block of cheddar.
In between all those carbs I did snack on an apple, a banana and some sultanas. However there is a plus side to being low on funds, it gives you an opportunity to express your creativity and my wife did this excellently by rustling up some amazing cakes
An Amazing Sponge Covered in Butter cream

As if that wasn't good enough she also made a batch of fairy cakes at the same time, they were all really tasty and made good use of the flour hanging round in the cupboards and the plentiful supply of fresh free range organic eggs we have from the garden.
Butterfly Cakes

Well hopefully those cakes should last a few days but in all honesty I can't see them hanging around after Monday in our house though. Plenty of tea to wash them down and I will be sitting pretty for the rest of the weekend. Must get some potatoes tomorrow and hopefully have some sausage and mash and vegetables, I will pop up to Muddy Footprints farm shop in the morning and see what they have on offer.

Until Tomorrow.......................

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

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