Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Lunch Outside and a Huge Tea !

I was up and out of the house just after 6 this morning. I have had a very busy but also very rewarding day. I started off at work and then off a friends allotment to help take down a hedge. My chainsaw is out of action so it was a couple of bow saws and plenty of blood and sweat !

I had a light breakfast of fruit and tea and then a very unexpected lunch. I couldn't think of a better way of rousing the troops than to provide a lunch of sausages fried on a gas stove in the fresh air.

Sausages Cooked Outside

A Fantastic Spread

Well lunch was fantastic and completely unexpected. It beat the crisps and banana I had bought with me hands down ! Things went very well and work was helped along by the friendly banter. I was glad of some lunch but as regular readers will know, light lunches are the recipe for a productive afternoon so I didn't dare eat too much.

Time to go home and spend a couple of hours in my own garden. I edged and shaped the lawn before returning to work for my afternoon / early evening stint. I was looking forward to a large evening meal and couldn't get the thought of those fantastic sausages out of my head so I had to have some more again.

Sausage, Chips & Salad

Chopped lettuce, white cabbage, tomato and cucumber with free range pork sausages and battered chips. Complimented by sweet chili sauce, HP sauce and plenty of salt and vinegar. Very tasty but not a patch on anything cooked and eaten outside though.
Anyway if that wasn't enough my wife had a Vegetable Lasagne and couldn't eat it all so I finished it off with some more chips and salad to help it along its way.
Vegetable Lasagne

The eagle eyed among you will spot the extra sausage at the top of the plate.

A good day all round really. Plenty of exercise, fresh air and sunshine. Good food and good company. I am happy to be back doing my food blog to.

Here's to tomorrow and all the joy it will bring !

James Broadhouse M6JDB

Stir Fry and Noodles with a dysfunctional family ( Capstick Come Home )

Welcome back one and all, I am back on track now and looking forward to photographing my food on a daily basis for you all to view and comment on. It won't be long now until those fantastic homegrown salads will be appearing. ( I will be updating my garden blog tomorrow )
Well today started well, fruit for breakfast, tea and a chocolate bar at 11 am followed by 3 Bacon sandwiches at 2 pm. They were on brown bread if that makes any difference and the pork was from slow grown free range pigs from a local smallholding.

Tea was vegetable stir fry and noodles. Very tasty and lots of it !
Vegetable Stir fry and Noodles

A Healthy Portion

Well that was certainly a good feed and I really enjoyed it.

As for the dysfunctional family business, this is my tribute to Tony Capstick who passed away earlier this month. He was a fantastic comedian and had a couple of top ten hits. The video posted below is probably my favourite of his and is a good spoof of the ever popular hovis advert.

Fantastic, what a great spoof

Until tomorrow.........................

James Broadhouse (M6JDB)

Monday, 12 April 2010

Wow what a tune, the food blog will be back soon but in the meantime please enjoy the music below, no video just fantastic audio.

James Broadhouse M6JDB

Monday, 5 April 2010

Food for the week and a Jacket for Tea !

Well a busy cooking day today. The Easter break is over and it is back to work in the morning. I had some time on my hands and a lot of vegetables to use up so I set about turning them in to something tasty.

First of all a nice heart warming vegetable soup.

A bit of swede, a couple of parsnips, 5 onions, celery, a few potatoes and carrots and lastly half a dozen leeks. All lightly browned and then boiled in organic stock. After half an hour the whole lot is liquidised and then returned to the pot with 2 pints of organic milk and a pinch of salt and pepper.
Don't be fooled by the small amount above, that is an 8 litre pot and the rest of the soup is now in the fridge for later on in the week.

Carrot and Swede Mash

After the vegetable soup I still had a pile of carrots and a big chunk of swede left so I made some carrot and swede mash. This is one of my favourite side dishes and I will be looking forward to eating this later in the week with some roast beef and roast potatoes. YUM YUM !
Well that is all the vegetables used up but we have still got some potatoes and salad left so jacket potato and salad for tea it is then !

Jacket Potato and Salad

Looking at that there is more cheese than potato but hey ho you can't live forever ! Plenty of salad is the main thing. Well that's put a couple of things in the fridge for later in the week. Back to work in the morning so hopefully I will be up nice and early and have a bit of tea and toast before I set out.

Until Tomorrow.....................

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

Quorn and Vegetable Curry, Sausage and Mash,

Things will be back to normal after the bank holiday and I will be posting on a daily basis again. Meanwhile here are Saturdays and Sundays main meals.
Qourn Curry and Brown Rice

That didn't look to great so I added some finely chopped salad and A good dollop of Mango Chutney. With the addition of half a dozen pappadums the meal was complete.

Qourn Curry, Brown Rice, Chopped Salad and Mango Chutney

Well that was Saturday nights tea. On Sunday we visited some friends and I helped them chop down a rather large tree. This sort of outside work doesn't make me feel very hungry but I did feel very thirsty. However His wire laid on some food and I did enjoy it. Pizza, Salad, Crisps, Jacket potatoes it was all there and I did tuck in. A jacket potato, a pile of salad with a great dressing and a couple of crisp sandwiches. Very hospitable !

When we got home I didn't really fancy much but the others were moaning so I made some sausage and mash with roasted parsnips and mash. Because of my earlier satisfying meal I didn't cook until late.

Sausage, Mash, Sprouts and Roasted Parsnips

Well that was great for us but my wife is vegetarian so I cooked her a QUORN fillet. I did this by frying it lightly in olive oil and then poaching it in stock. This is a fantastic way to cook quorn fillets and makes them really tasty. After I finished my sausage and mash I had some more potatoes and vegetables with a superbly cooked quorn fillet.

Mash, Sprouts, Parsnips and a quorn fillet.

Considering I wasn't very hungry I did put quite a lot away last night.

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James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

Friday, 2 April 2010

Back With Avengance, The Missed Days Main Meals.

Well after an emotionally and physically draining week I am back on an even keel. I find it strange how we all find comfort in routine and simple things that give us pleasure while otherwise facing complete meltdown !

I have had a turbulent week to say the least and while I frantically switched from sitting on my arse filling out surveys and playing games on the computer to complete and utter overdrive of working and cleaning and worrying I still took photographs of all my main meals. Very strange but comforting.

Anyway here goes !


Gammon and Eggs

This one is for Wockley who said he would love to see a runny egg. A good side salad, plenty of potatoes roasted in olive oil and a nice chunk of gammon grilled to perfection and two poached free range organic eggs from our garden. An absolute feast and you could say a work of art !


I made some soup for lunch and made enough to do for Wednesday and Thursday. Very tasty it was too and packed full of the freshest vegetables money can buy.

Soup in the Making

That's the raw soup ingredients being lightly browned before being boiled and liquidised. As you can see its full of Leeks, Onions, Carrots, Potatoes, Parsnips and Celery. Food to stick to your insides and warm you all the way through.

Lasagne, Roasts and Salad

Great roasted potatoes, Wilja potatoes roasted in olive oil with sea salt. I always do mine like this you can't beat them. Good salad, mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber and onions. Shit Lasagne. Thanks Tesco. The lasagne took 45 minutes to cook, looks unappetising and tasted bloody awful. I could of made a lasagne myself in that time and next time i will !
After that great homemade soup for lunch that meal seemed a bit of a let down.


A great bowl of soup for lunch followed by a large bowl of pasta for tea. Plenty of fresh stir fried vegetables mixed in with pasta spirals and some quality homemade roasted tomato and garlic sauce then covered in Italian seasoning and a sprinkle of mature grated cheddar.

Vegetable Pasta

That was a really tasty tea and cooked by my beautiful wife which makes anything taste better.

Thanks for all the e-mails of concern from fellow bloggers and also the many visitors from the BBC FOOD site forum and those from the GYO forum.
I am back on track with the food blog now a hopefully everything should return to normal and I will be posting again on a daily basis.

As for the survey site SYNOVATE I am getting about £4 a day for an hours work and also testing some new products that I will write a review for. If like me you need a couple of extra quid a week then it is well worth doing. It is easy to sign up and you only have to do the surveys you want. Just click through HERE or on the banner top left and register.

Best of Luck

James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )