Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Lunch Outside and a Huge Tea !

I was up and out of the house just after 6 this morning. I have had a very busy but also very rewarding day. I started off at work and then off a friends allotment to help take down a hedge. My chainsaw is out of action so it was a couple of bow saws and plenty of blood and sweat !

I had a light breakfast of fruit and tea and then a very unexpected lunch. I couldn't think of a better way of rousing the troops than to provide a lunch of sausages fried on a gas stove in the fresh air.

Sausages Cooked Outside

A Fantastic Spread

Well lunch was fantastic and completely unexpected. It beat the crisps and banana I had bought with me hands down ! Things went very well and work was helped along by the friendly banter. I was glad of some lunch but as regular readers will know, light lunches are the recipe for a productive afternoon so I didn't dare eat too much.

Time to go home and spend a couple of hours in my own garden. I edged and shaped the lawn before returning to work for my afternoon / early evening stint. I was looking forward to a large evening meal and couldn't get the thought of those fantastic sausages out of my head so I had to have some more again.

Sausage, Chips & Salad

Chopped lettuce, white cabbage, tomato and cucumber with free range pork sausages and battered chips. Complimented by sweet chili sauce, HP sauce and plenty of salt and vinegar. Very tasty but not a patch on anything cooked and eaten outside though.
Anyway if that wasn't enough my wife had a Vegetable Lasagne and couldn't eat it all so I finished it off with some more chips and salad to help it along its way.
Vegetable Lasagne

The eagle eyed among you will spot the extra sausage at the top of the plate.

A good day all round really. Plenty of exercise, fresh air and sunshine. Good food and good company. I am happy to be back doing my food blog to.

Here's to tomorrow and all the joy it will bring !

James Broadhouse M6JDB

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