Monday, 5 April 2010

Quorn and Vegetable Curry, Sausage and Mash,

Things will be back to normal after the bank holiday and I will be posting on a daily basis again. Meanwhile here are Saturdays and Sundays main meals.
Qourn Curry and Brown Rice

That didn't look to great so I added some finely chopped salad and A good dollop of Mango Chutney. With the addition of half a dozen pappadums the meal was complete.

Qourn Curry, Brown Rice, Chopped Salad and Mango Chutney

Well that was Saturday nights tea. On Sunday we visited some friends and I helped them chop down a rather large tree. This sort of outside work doesn't make me feel very hungry but I did feel very thirsty. However His wire laid on some food and I did enjoy it. Pizza, Salad, Crisps, Jacket potatoes it was all there and I did tuck in. A jacket potato, a pile of salad with a great dressing and a couple of crisp sandwiches. Very hospitable !

When we got home I didn't really fancy much but the others were moaning so I made some sausage and mash with roasted parsnips and mash. Because of my earlier satisfying meal I didn't cook until late.

Sausage, Mash, Sprouts and Roasted Parsnips

Well that was great for us but my wife is vegetarian so I cooked her a QUORN fillet. I did this by frying it lightly in olive oil and then poaching it in stock. This is a fantastic way to cook quorn fillets and makes them really tasty. After I finished my sausage and mash I had some more potatoes and vegetables with a superbly cooked quorn fillet.

Mash, Sprouts, Parsnips and a quorn fillet.

Considering I wasn't very hungry I did put quite a lot away last night.

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James Broadhouse ( M6JDB )

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