Friday, 27 July 2012

Plenty of salad

Yesterday was busy and today was just hard work. I was up and out the door early this morning so i could get a head start at work. Everything went to plan except my meals. I forgot to take my bowl for my fruit and fibre so i didn't have any breakfast but i pushed on until around 10am and went to j o Neil's for the second day running.
I had a meal deal. A tuna salad sandwich with mayonnaise, peppers, cucumber and tomato on white sliced bread. A packet of walkers cheese onion flavour crisps and a can of coca cola. Really tasty and it kept me going until home time when i ate a large bag, 200g of cadbury's giant chocolate buttons.
Oh well old habits die hard as they say and i love chocolate !
Well i had to try a bit harder at tea time and i opted for a roast chicken breast salad with plenty of mayonnaise and bread and butter. All washed down with a cappuccino.
Well its the almost time for the Olympic opening ceremony so i am going to watch it with my family and a packet of sweets.
Hope you enjoy the tremendous spectacle that is the London 2012 Olympic ceremony and possibly my evening meal tomorrow :)

Cheese Thursday

Well fed up of two days of fruit and fibre i decided to pay my friend Neil at j o Neil's catering a visit for my brunch.
I decided on cheese, tomato, mushrooms and onions on toast with plenty of brown sauce ! It was delicious.
Well my day didn't really go as planned and i ended up doing a lot of running around and because of that i didn't really have time for an evening meal. The only thing that was quick and easy and my wife was prepared to make was crackers and cheese with branston pickle and a couple of rolls of ham. I only took one photo but i did have 18 crackers in total !
Too much cheese.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Turning over a new leaf

Well first of all thanks to all the people who emailed and said i need to change my ways. Here goes.
I started the day with 2 bowls of fruit and fibre with semi skimmed milk. Very tasty and quite filling.
I skipped lunch.
In the afternoon i went out with my wife and children to a local beauty spot and paddled in the stream and ran around playing with a frisby. We ate sandwiches and apples, pork pies, cherry tomatoes, bananas and chocolate cake.
We had a fantastic time and plenty of exercise.
I didn't take any photo's of the food but i did get a snapshot of my two youngest children and someone's dog !

Day two of healthy breakfasts

Fruit and fibre again this morning. 2 bowls !
Lunchtime i had two pizza slices with regular bread used as the base. One with cheese and tomatoes and one with cheese and onions. Very nice they were too !
Tea time was great and my wife pulled out all the stops again with a magnificent meal. Roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, carrots, leeks, cabbage, and half a dozen chipolata sausages with gravy.
I had second helpings of the vegetables and roast potatoes too.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hot and sunny Sunday.

Well Sunday is my day off and i like to spend time at home with my family. This Sunday was no exception either. I was up early and busied myself around the house for a few hours before i settled down to a brunch consisting of 4 slices of buttered bread. 2 thick slices of ham, some sliced cheese and a handful of grapes. All eaten outside in the glorious sunshine.
Lunch was a very small portion of pasta twists and roasted mediterranean vegetables with garlic and olive oil and a sprinkle of mature cheddar. Still sunny so i ate that outside too !
Our evening meal was very late and a little thrown together but very tasty. I had 2 pork loin steaks, mashed potato, peas and gravy.
A good family day and a good food day. Plenty of vegetables and even some fruit.

Manic Monday

Well this week i am supposed to be claiming my over worked hours back at work but it didn't really work out that way today.
I was very very busy and didn't bother with breakfast and lunch was a terrible state of affairs.
I am sure most people at one time or another have had to make do like i did and stop at a corner shop and fill up on whatever is available. Well today that was two packets of msg laden crisps, two snack size chocolate bars and a can of fizzy orange pop ! Oh well it filled a gap.
I was at work a lot longer than i planned and that really threw my day out. I didn't get home until around 9 and luckily my wife had made some ham sandwiches and i added a bit of cheese to each one and some branston pickle on 2 and heinz sandwich spread on the other 2. I had a packet of French fries and banana and went to bed !
Better luck tomorrow !

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Super Saturday

Well after a ropey week it all came good in the end. A lovely sausage, bacon, tomato and mushroom sandwich with a splash of brown sauce for brunch. From j o Neil's.
When i got home i did a few jobs and enjoyed a couple of bottles of beck's blue in the afternoon sun while phillippa slaved over a hot stove to produce an amazing meal of rare breed pork sausages with roast potatoes, leeks, carrots, broccoli and gravy ! Complimented by mint sauce and whole grain mustard.
So nice i had two helpings !
Going to bed happy now. 

Super Saturday

Well after a ropey week it all came good in the end. A lovely sausage, bacon, tomato and mushroom sandwich with a splash of brown sauce for brunch. From j o Neil's.
When i got home i did a few jobs and enjoyed a couple of bottles of beck's blue in the afternoon sun while phillippa slaved over a hot stove to produce an amazing meal of rare breed pork sausages with roast potatoes, leeks, carrots, broccoli and gravy ! Complimented by mint sauce and whole grain mustard.
So nice i had two helpings !
Going to bed happy now. 

Bad Friday.

Friday was a bad day !
First of all i was up to my elbows in mud trying to fix water leaks, then i had a very long afternoon at work followed by an early evening fence erecting and then a 120 mile round trip to pick up a line marker !
I had 2 double cheese burgers from the golden arches for lunch and 2 ham sandwiches for supper. In between i had two bags of haribo sweets, a double snickers chocolate bar and 5 packets of crisps.
That is a bad day by anyones standards. Lets hope for a bit of fruit and veg tomorrow.

Thursday blow out !

Had a tough day Thursday. Didn't eat anything until early afternoon then had a blow out with a mcDonald's followed by a cheese and onion cob from a local bakery.

When i got home it was two cod fillets in bread crumbs with crinkle cut chips and baked beans and a couple of slices of bread and butter.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wash out Wednesday

Well after the great day yesterday, today was a bit of a let down. I got to work early and made a good start but unfortunately the heavens opened and we had heavy rain again.
I was soaked through to the skin and to top it all on the way to fetch some parts to fix the mower shed i got a flat tyre !
Well i had no option but to get it changed so i could get back to work and carry on my day. However when my pal turned up to help me he bought 3 mcDonald's cheese burgers and i scoffed the lot ! I was soaked through and ravenous !
I went to another job later on and while toiling away i was served with tea and cake which was very enjoyable. Sorry i didn't take a photograph but sometimes i just haven't got the time to explain what i am doing :) !
When i got home my evening meal was a tremendous feast. 2 chicken Kiev's, homemade wedges, roasted onions and peppers and baked beans. Well done phillippa ! It was lovely. Then after the children had gone to bed we indulged in a bag of some new cadbury's chocolates with raisins and corn flakes. Delicious.
Off to bed now, got to be up for 5 in the morning. Goodnight all.

Sunshine Tuesday

Well the sun was shining and i was at work for just after 6am. Got lots and lots done and i only had a couple of coffees for breakfast.
By 11 i was starving and headed off to j o Neil's catering. Cheese tomatoes and mushrooms on toast with brown sauce was the order of the day and very tasty too !
That's Neil in the photograph, a very handsome man who makes a very nice sandwich or whatever you fancy really.
I was so hungry i ordered a chicken tikka salad box and a packet of snaps crisps for later on in the day.
By the time i had finished my private mowing it was very late and i headed home thinking about what to have for tea. Well i was in luck. Phillippa had cooked some fresh pasta and combined it with the left over chilli con carne i made the other day and the rest of the cheese bake. Well the chilli certainly improved with age. It tasted a lot better than the day i made it and the cheese bake was nice too.
A mega long day. 15 hours out of the house. Lets hope for a better day tomorrow !

Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday madness

Well a busy day lay ahead but everything was accomplished and i ended up shattered !
I had a busy start to the day and ate my ham sandwiches and cherries that were supposed to be for lunch on the way to work !
Oh well i did plenty of mowing and got wet through so i treated myself to a shop bought pita bread stuffed with chips, salad and mayonnaise.
Very tasty it was too, washed down with a can of vimto.
The day progressed well and when i returned home my wife had prepared a beautiful vegetable and cheese bake with a serving of chips. I kept quiet about my lunch and just enjoyed the home cooked food !
Thanks phillippa x

Sunday excellence !

What a great day today. Sunshine and plenty of chores done.
My day started with my wife preparing croissants with honey and a frothy cappuccino ! Great start !
I got busy in the garden creating my new L shaped vegetable beds and chopping up firewood for winter.
Lunch was bought out to me and consisted of ham sandwiches, pickled onions salad and colslaw. What a treat. The salad was a bit of a let down but that problem will soon be solved when we are growing our own again in the garden.
Tea was a hurried affair, just grabbing a couple of French bread pizzas while i put together our 2 new wardrobe's. So a busy 15 hour day and i felt really happy that i had achieved so much.

Saturday machinery sale

Well today i went to a machinery sale and was so excited at the prospect of acquiring a new mower i ordered and ate a bacon and mushroom baguette with brown sauce before i even thought about taking a photograph.
Anyway the sun came out and the prices went sky high so i left feeling very down and without a new mower !
I decide to make amends and cook a vegetarian chilli con carne for tea. I had a couple of jars of shop bought sauce some onions and a bag of quorn mince so threw it all together and let it simmer.
What a let down ! Quorn does not like being in the slow cooker and it tasted and looked some what conjeeled. The only saving grace was the microwave spinach rice !
Well still hungry after the chilli let down i feasted on a plate of chip butties before retiring to bed !

Friday, 13 July 2012

Nearly back to normal.

Well today my wife is feeling a a lot better and this puts everyone in a good frame of mind. I could concentrate on my work even though it was pouring down with rain all day. I had bacon, sausages, tomatoes and mushrooms on a bap for brunch from my favourite sandwich shop.
Worked through lunch and when i got home i had a fantastic meal of roast pork and stuffing with roast potatoes carrots and spring greens. It was so nice i had another plate !
Thanks to sue for peeling the potatoes and carrots yesterday and a big thankyou to my wife for cooking it all today for when i got home from work.
Dessert was a quick nut and chocolate bar but supper was as tremendous summer fruits strudel with custard.
What a great day

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Junk food !

Well i had to do quite a bit around the house this morning before i went to work. My wife isn't very well and the household quickly starts to fall apart without her at the helm. My food reflects this.
Breakfast was late and from j o neil's, cheese tomatoes and mushrooms on toast with brown sauce and a can of coke. Lunch was 16 cheddar biscuits and a rice crispie bar and tea was a bowl of strawberry trifle.
Not the greatest ever day food wise but i did get plenty of work done !
While i was out my fantastic mother in law came and looked after my wife and the children and they all got to eat proper meals. She left me a huge pan of prepared potatoes and vegetables but unfortunately i didn't have time to do anything with them.
I will make use of them tomorrow evening either as a soup, stew, or part of a roast of some kind. Thanks sue for all your hard work today looking after everyone and cleaning up too, you are really great !

A busy man !

Well due the the terrible rain there were a couple of car accidents and road closures on the way home from work. We all had to use back roads and lanes which led to people getting stuck in the mud. Luckily for them i was in my 1973 short wheel base landrover and i had a good strong rope to pull them out !
Anyway i was back home 2 hours late, my wife was ill, the little ones were running riot and the eldest had to be at his school play in an hours time so i put a 1kg lasagne in the oven with some shop bought potatoes.
Disgusting ! What a let down !
Considering i had been at work all day and only had an energy drink and some water and i still didn't fat my tea is testimony to how bad it actually was.
Hope my wife feels better soon before i starve to death and the kids run out of clothes :)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Another rainy day

Well it's still raining and that makes the groundsman side of my job pretty hard going ! I opted for a light breakfast today at only 110 calories !
Not the healthiest but i need something to lift me out of the dulldrums.