Thursday, 12 July 2012

A busy man !

Well due the the terrible rain there were a couple of car accidents and road closures on the way home from work. We all had to use back roads and lanes which led to people getting stuck in the mud. Luckily for them i was in my 1973 short wheel base landrover and i had a good strong rope to pull them out !
Anyway i was back home 2 hours late, my wife was ill, the little ones were running riot and the eldest had to be at his school play in an hours time so i put a 1kg lasagne in the oven with some shop bought potatoes.
Disgusting ! What a let down !
Considering i had been at work all day and only had an energy drink and some water and i still didn't fat my tea is testimony to how bad it actually was.
Hope my wife feels better soon before i starve to death and the kids run out of clothes :)

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