Thursday, 12 July 2012

Junk food !

Well i had to do quite a bit around the house this morning before i went to work. My wife isn't very well and the household quickly starts to fall apart without her at the helm. My food reflects this.
Breakfast was late and from j o neil's, cheese tomatoes and mushrooms on toast with brown sauce and a can of coke. Lunch was 16 cheddar biscuits and a rice crispie bar and tea was a bowl of strawberry trifle.
Not the greatest ever day food wise but i did get plenty of work done !
While i was out my fantastic mother in law came and looked after my wife and the children and they all got to eat proper meals. She left me a huge pan of prepared potatoes and vegetables but unfortunately i didn't have time to do anything with them.
I will make use of them tomorrow evening either as a soup, stew, or part of a roast of some kind. Thanks sue for all your hard work today looking after everyone and cleaning up too, you are really great !

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