Friday, 13 July 2012

Nearly back to normal.

Well today my wife is feeling a a lot better and this puts everyone in a good frame of mind. I could concentrate on my work even though it was pouring down with rain all day. I had bacon, sausages, tomatoes and mushrooms on a bap for brunch from my favourite sandwich shop.
Worked through lunch and when i got home i had a fantastic meal of roast pork and stuffing with roast potatoes carrots and spring greens. It was so nice i had another plate !
Thanks to sue for peeling the potatoes and carrots yesterday and a big thankyou to my wife for cooking it all today for when i got home from work.
Dessert was a quick nut and chocolate bar but supper was as tremendous summer fruits strudel with custard.
What a great day

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Julia said...

Found you through google searching for food logs. Thanks so much for sharing your meals. It's fascinating to see what other people are eating. Keep up the good work/eating/blog-posts!

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