Friday, 27 July 2012

Plenty of salad

Yesterday was busy and today was just hard work. I was up and out the door early this morning so i could get a head start at work. Everything went to plan except my meals. I forgot to take my bowl for my fruit and fibre so i didn't have any breakfast but i pushed on until around 10am and went to j o Neil's for the second day running.
I had a meal deal. A tuna salad sandwich with mayonnaise, peppers, cucumber and tomato on white sliced bread. A packet of walkers cheese onion flavour crisps and a can of coca cola. Really tasty and it kept me going until home time when i ate a large bag, 200g of cadbury's giant chocolate buttons.
Oh well old habits die hard as they say and i love chocolate !
Well i had to try a bit harder at tea time and i opted for a roast chicken breast salad with plenty of mayonnaise and bread and butter. All washed down with a cappuccino.
Well its the almost time for the Olympic opening ceremony so i am going to watch it with my family and a packet of sweets.
Hope you enjoy the tremendous spectacle that is the London 2012 Olympic ceremony and possibly my evening meal tomorrow :)

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