Monday, 16 July 2012

Saturday machinery sale

Well today i went to a machinery sale and was so excited at the prospect of acquiring a new mower i ordered and ate a bacon and mushroom baguette with brown sauce before i even thought about taking a photograph.
Anyway the sun came out and the prices went sky high so i left feeling very down and without a new mower !
I decide to make amends and cook a vegetarian chilli con carne for tea. I had a couple of jars of shop bought sauce some onions and a bag of quorn mince so threw it all together and let it simmer.
What a let down ! Quorn does not like being in the slow cooker and it tasted and looked some what conjeeled. The only saving grace was the microwave spinach rice !
Well still hungry after the chilli let down i feasted on a plate of chip butties before retiring to bed !

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